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This is how I built my publishing company.

Every month, I write about a specific challenge I undertake in my real publishing business to improve my marketing, productivity, and writing.....and I share the results with you.

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Plan your achievable New Year’s goals in 1 day

Turn pie-in-the-sky New Year’s goals into achievable bite-sized slices and stay the course, even when you’re uninspired.

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How I created a successful online book preorder launch event

You realize that publishing a book is only the beginning of your journey, right? Now you have to…launch it. Market it. This is where the tough work begins, my friend. Here’s how I created a successful online book preorder.

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I posted on Instagram for 90 Days. Here’s what happened.

How I pushed through self-doubt, insecurities, and general indifference to create a social media calendar –and follow-through with a social media marketing strategy.

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About Me.

I'm Clare C. Marshall - author/publisher of young adult science fiction and fantasy novels. On cmarshallpublishing.com, I chronicle the behind-the-scenes life of writing, publishing, and marketing my small business.

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