Clare C. Marshall details her experience selling books in person at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2023.

We’re diving into what actions you can take if you start feeling the allure of shiny object syndrome, so you can get back on track with your creative goals!

I’ve used the Full Focus planner system and I’ve been a long-term bullet journaler, so today I want to compare the two systems and give the rundown on the full focus planner vs. bullet journaling. Which one is better – for you?

For the past while I’ve been experimenting with the 12 Week Year system. Here’s my main takeaways.

Now I’m back to doing in-person shows somewhat regularly, and so my post-mortems return! YAY! New post-mortems will also be posted here.

Set yourself up for success by setting the right writing goals for you. If you don’t set reasonable goals, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not starting a podcast to promote your books is for you.

In this part of the Pinterest journey, we’re going to explore Pinterest keyword research, how to create Boards, and how to create pins.

How I created an actionable, DOABLE beginner Pinterest strategy that I would stick to and augment over the coming months.

Pinterest can be REALLY overwhelming when you’re first starting out. That’s why I created this Pinterest guide for authors and creators.

As an ambitious creative entrepreneur who is always seeking to improve my planning methods, I decided to give the Full Focus Planner a try.

Turn pie-in-the-sky New Year’s goals into achievable bite-sized slices and stay the course, even when you’re uninspired.

You realize that publishing a book is only the beginning of your journey, right? Now you have to…launch it. Market it. This is where the tough work begins, my friend. Here’s how I created a successful online book preorder.

How I pushed through self-doubt, insecurities, and general indifference to create a social media calendar –and follow-through with a social media marketing strategy.