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Have you ever wondered HOW to approach your book marketing differently?

Just post about your book on social media. Sell at your local writers’ conference or comic con. Do a book signing at Chapters. Get on the XYZ bestseller list. Create a podcast. You’re doing some or all of these things, and yet, your books still aren’t selling or you’re not seeing traction.

For the last decade, Clare C. Marshall, YA author-publisher at Faery Ink Press, has tried a lot of strategies to drum up book sales. She’s travelled across the country and hand-sold thousands of books direct to her readers. She has firsthand experience with how customers and readers react to her work and her brand.

This presentation isn’t a listicle about the best strategies to market or sell your book.  

This is a foundational, authentic approach to beginning (or re-thinking) your book marketing journey.

In this presentation, you'll learn...

How to get excited about marketing your book (again)

Are you stuck in a create-sell, create-sell loop, where you feel like you're always putting things out into the market and yet CRICKETS?

It's demoralizing and discouraging. It makes you not want to market your books at all.

 Learn how I forced myself out of that loop.

what to do when fear STOPS you from marketing your book

It's easy to make excuses or give in to fear when we're trying something new.

I share my personal experiences of being terrified while putting myself and my work out there in the hopes that it will inspire you to do the same.

how to be less intimidated by your marketing plan, when you make one (EEP!)

If you're like me, the THOUGHT of creating a marketing plan for my books was scary!

Learn how I overcame this fear and became EXCITED by the idea of creating and FULFILLING my book marketing plans!

About the Presenter

Clare C. Marshall - Author/Publisher

Clare C. Marshall grew up in rural Nova Scotia with very little television and dial-up internet, and yet she turned out okay. She is the founder and author-publisher behind Faery Ink Press, where she publishes young adult science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. Her fantasy novel, The Violet Fox, was given an honorable mention in the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards and its sequel, The Emerald Cloth, was nominated for Best YA Novel in the 2019 Prix Aurora Awards. When she’s not writing or fiddling up a storm, she enjoys computer games and making silly noises at her two cats, Pinecone and Pavlova. She lives in Calgary with her husband.